Vampire Hugs

If i had to hug a vampire
what would i do?
i would try to do it in sunshine
wouldn’t you?
i’d avoid it and run away and hide all day long
i’d carry garlic and wooden stakes and sing Dracula killing songs
i’d try my hardest to stay far away
because hugging a vampire is dangerous they say
vampires drink blood and they suck you dry
they leave marks and kill you and make you cry
so why, oh why, would I try to give one a hug?
it’s dangerous, it’s crazy – i’m just not that smug
but vampire are beings and what we don’t see
is there bites are their hickeys and bloods is there tea
they don’t mean to kill, they just get carried away
sounds very familiar, wouldn’t you say?
its hard to hug someone that sucks the life out of you
loving them seems like you’re just paying your dues
but loving a vampire just might be
what turns them around and lets them beam
they may stand in the sun
and use their powers for good
maybe they aren’t so misunderstood…
we all have been vampires from time to time
sucking and sucking and breaking the rhyme
so don’t be a vampire draining friends dry
be the one that looks one in the eye
and offers a hand and a hug and a heart
be the one that break their stone heart apart
vampires need hugs, so why wouldn’t we
hug them and love them and welcome them to the “we”


Little Lessons

Three-year-olds can be smart. They master lessons that adults don’t seem able to grasp. Whether those lessons stick with them through their adulthood is another story, but when they are 3, those little lessons are a code they live by.

I know a 3-year-old who lives her life by this code: listen, show respect and share. That is how she measures her morality (not that she knows what “morality” means).

What would it be like if the population lived life based upon this code of conduct?

It seems so basic. These things should be common sense, but are they? But when approached by a tough situation, do you remind yourself to listen? Do you make certain you are being respectful? Do you make sure to share you knowledge, experience, possessions?

If not, shouldn’t you be?

A Page Turner (and A Time Turner?)

So heres the deal, I have great in-laws and a wonderful husband that bought me an amazing toy! My Nook, affectionately named Sheldon, is one of my obsessions (Hi, my name is Lynette and I’m a Nook-aholic… my support group meets every Tuesday at Barnes & Noble…). It goes everywhere with me. Why? Because I love to read. It’s truly that simple.

I figure that at any point I may have a free moment that will allow me a small escape from the world. Even if my reprise from life only lasts for a few short paragraphs, it’s worth it! To step into the land of Narnia and romp with Aslan or to take part in the trek across Middle Earth, it’s worth it! To learn a spell in Mcgonagall’s class or fight along side the armored bears, it’s all worth it! Even if it’s only for a few moments…

I think that’s what reading is all about – an escape. Okay, let me backtrack for two seconds: some reading is too learn (like reading The Power of Myth or The Sword Between the Sexes), but even learning reading can be a form of escapism. Now that I’ve covered my tail, allow me to continue.

I think that’s what reading is all about – an escape. Leaving this chaotic world for a moment and allowing yourself to adventure to place you never thought possible. I mean, I love living, but where else (other than a book) might I journey to other worlds and interact with strange creatures and surreal phenomenon? Teenage witches and wizards that kill a powerful sorcerer don’t exist IRL (in real life for those of you readers NOT married to a gamer).

I want a fantastic life and sometimes it feels like the only way to achieve that is in my imagine inside the world of books. For all of you about to freak out ’cause I just said my life isn’t fantastic, calm down. All I mean is that I am never going to get a Hogwarts acceptance letter. I’m not going to have my midi-chlorians count checked. I’m not going to meet a Hobbit. I’m not going to hold an alethiometer (read The Golden Compass). This is all very disappointing to me because I think I would make a great Hogwart’s student, don’t you think?!

Alas, *sigh*  I don’t think this shall be my lot in life. I am forced to find magic and mystery in the pages (or pseudo pages on the Nook?) of a good book. As disappointing as that is sometimes, I think i’m okay with that (not that I have much of a choice).

To be quite honest, I’m not sure what more to say on this subject. The gist of all this is… I love books because I can escape into worlds that don’t exist. I can do things that I couldn’t IRL. I can be someone different. I love my life, but it’s not the same as a book. It never can be. I wouldn’t want to give up reality to step into the pages of a book, but it’s hard to put into reasons why. I think it boils down to the fact that we weren’t supposed to live like that. God put us (me) here for a reason, a purpose. I wouldn’t want to abandon that. *sigh* that’s kind of hard to admit.

I guess that’s all. The end.

How a Desk Fan (Probably) Save His Life and other life lessons…

I went to Ohio this past weekend for a baby shower (not mine, but a dear friends!), so Josh, my wonderful husband, was home alone and left to fend for himself.

I received a text on Sunday morning however, that asked an odd question: Does the apartment complex have a weekend/emergency number? Hmmm… Odd, why would he need that number, I mused. I texted back with a response and asked that very question: why do you need to know? His response was: Can you talk?

Instantly I’m worried. I call him back momentarily and he proceeds to explain his tale, which, I might add, taught me instantly what “retroactive worry” is (more on this later!).

His story went something like this…

Apparently he missed me a least a little bit, because he cleaned (and I mean scrubbed!) the house. His cleaning, however, led him to the kitchen where the stovetop was in desperate need of a cleaning. Bless his heart, he cleaned it! He scrubbed the top of its white ceramic surface and he wiped clean the panel where the on/off knobs are and… well, apparently somehow during this battle between Josh and the lords of the grime, he turned the gas stove to a position somewhere between “on” and “light.”

Now those of you with a gas stove are groaning because you know that this means that a small amount of gas began leaking from the burning into the previously unpolluted air and fill our apartment. Two key things come into play here; 1.) Josh cleaned the kitchen late at night so he went to be right after he got done, and 2.) our apartment is tiny, so it took no time at all for the gas to fill the place.

As you may guess, he slept through the entire night without realizing that he was slowly being poisoned! It is quite possible that he could be dead if he wasn’t an exceedingly warm-blooded individual and by that I mean that he was a fan blowing on his face all night, every night.

Let me wrap up this story before I tell you the life lessons learned: He woke up the next day, realized what happened and proceeded to air out the apartment with open windows, doors and fans. By the time I arrived home on Sunday evening the place spelled almost completely normal and he was in good spirits and felt fine! Praise God!

But this is what I learned…

Lesson #1

Those little quirks like him being so warm that he has to sleep with a fan blowing on him all night (freezing me) is probably the only reason he is alive. How cool is that the GOD knew that in advance! Josh was planning on sleeping on the couch that night because I wasn’t home it it’s hard for either of us to sleep in bed when the other isn’t there. Had he slept on the couch, he may not have survived because he would have left the air on and not used the fan! How cool is it that God knew all that in advance and planned each aspect accordingly!

Lesson #2

I worry. A lot. So much in fact that I retroactively worried about Josh from the time I talked to him on the phone Sunday morning until I got home that evening and for a few hours after! I’m exceedingly bad at trusting God and his infinite wisdom to protect my family and me… This is an aspect of my life that I’m working on, but then Satan throws a monkey wrench like this into my efforts and I get all worried again! God is bigger than me and Josh and our lives are in His hands whether I like it or not!

Life Lessons

I’m not a gamer. Never have be, never will be! And this isn’t because I disapprove of gaming or because I think that they are evil, it’s because I can’t figure out how to manipulate the dual joysticks in Halo so that i can turn my player and turn my player’s head at the same time! Oh, and I play “inverted” and apparently that’s weird. I can play three games: Lego Star Wars, Lego Harry Potter, and Rock Band (I play bass). That is the extent of my talents with any game system.

But I digress as my mad skills aren’t the point of this post… The point is this. This entertaining Game Informer article made ME, a non-gamer, laugh on more than one occasion! I admit, I have a mildly skewed perspective as I married a gamer so some of the references I understand because of him!

Let’s be honest, hundreds of thousands of kids play video games DAILY and though I don’t think that they are as bad as some say they are, I do find the lessons they teach highly entertaining when put into perspective! Like…

Mass murder is fine as long as you’re one of the good guys.
Seriously! How true is this in ANY video game!?

If you’re shot, hide in an isolated place and ignore your wound. It’ll heal in seconds as long as there’s no incoming gunfire.
Honestly, this one is just brilliant! Just give your wound enough time and poof! you’re healed! It’s a Christmas miracle!

Most bosses go down in three hits. Remember that the next time you’re having a tough day at work!
So concise and true! This is pretty accurate in almost any game!

And this one requires a photo because I actually know which game this is…

You don’t win an animal’s affection through care and nurturing. You win it through violence.
And these are just a taste of what this delightful Game Informer article has to offer *sigh* I never though I would say this, but this is quite entertaining!

When God Whispers

I feel God moving in our lives (Josh and I = our). There is something happening, something taking place. It’s that amazing feeling that sits in your gut and you know its from God! I don’t know what it is, I don’t know when it will happen… but God is moving. He is preparing us for a change in our lives.

I have to be honest and say I haven’t felt this often in my life. I’m not a good listener when it comes to God. I also haven’t been a true follower for most of my life. A believer, yes. But not a follower. It has only been in the last few years that I have actively sought God. It has only been in the last few years that I have started to understand so much of what has been taught to me in my 24 years.

God is great and God is good. He knows all and is all and I know that HIS plan has got us covered! I just pray that both Josh and I continue to seek Him, both as individuals and as a couple. This song has been running through my head all day… especially the italicized part!


I see the King of glory
Coming on the clouds with fire
The whole earth shakes, the whole earth shakes
I see His love and mercy
Washing over all our sin
The people sing, the people sing

Hosanna, hosanna
Hosanna in the highest (x2)

I see a generation
Rising up to take the place
With selfless faith, with selfless faith
I see a near revival
Stirring as we pray and seek
We’re on our knees, we’re on our knees


Heal my heart and make it clean
Open up my eyes to the things unseen
Show me how to love like You have loved me
Break my heart for what breaks Yours
Everything I am for Your Kingdom’s cause
As I walk from earth into eternity


There is something in those lyrics! Some nugget that is for us right now, I can just feel it! I have no idea what it is, but I think that God has brought things into our lives and into our focus that He is weaving together for his purpose and soon, very soon, it will all become a reality.

So, with this in mind, I pray that God makes HIS plan abundantly clear to us! I don’t want to move forward without HIS guidance, but I don’t want to miss out on what HE has in store! Please pray with us!

I’m No Vulcan.

I’m not an overly heart-on-my-sleeve kind of person. Pain and injury don’t phase me too much, personal emotions and frustrations rarely bubble over onto my sleeve (though my hubby may disagree), sappy stories do little to stir an emotional response. I mean, I’m no Vulcan, but I’m not overtly weepy. Getting the picture?

But I do have a weakness, a chink in my armor…

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows... epic!

Last night, or should i say, early this morning, I attended the premier of the final installment of Harry Potter. To say I’m a fan is an understatement. I love the books. I love the characters. I love the storyline. I love it all! So when I saw *SPOILER ALERT* Fred Weasley lying on the floor of the Great Hall and the Weasley family crying over his dead body… tears began to stream down my cheeks. Then the camera panned to the still bodies of Tonks and Lupin and I lost it. The next 20 minutes of the movie were a blur of emotions for me as I watched Severus Snape die, but “the best in him” be relieved, and Ron and Hermione bid Harry farewell for what they believe will be the last time. I knew it was all going to happen (I have read the books more than I care to share), but that didn’t change how raw I felt to watch a favorite story come alive on screen.

[For all your movie fans, this isn’t a review of the film… I had a few issues with this and other movies I will discuss, but this particular blog entry isn’t the forum for those thoughts. Oh, like that teaser for an upcoming blog!? See what I did there??]

For some reason, those moments during the film tore holes in my emotions and floodgates opened. What is it about these characters that I feel so acutely for them? And it wasn’t just the movies that rendered me into a puddle-o-tears, when Dumbledore died… let’s just say, tears stained the pages of my book. And these are just the major (i.e. notable) parts of the books and movies!

There is something about heartache in a storyline that just gets me right here *mime stabbing my heart* … But it’s only heartache, not just “heart-touching stuff.” By that, I mean chick flicks and the like don’t do it for me. Sappy is great to watch, but I won’t shed tears unless my Aunt Flo has come a-callin’, if you know what I’m saying. But heartache, that’s where it gets me.

I can watch the same movie again and again and still be catch in a glass box of emotion by what I  see if there story is heartbreaking. I love that! I love being able to be moved by a story! I love to feel that kind of attachment to the characters! *sigh*

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader... the only good movie in the series thus far.

But Harry Potter is the only storyline that tugs at my heartstrings. Another example that quickly comes to mind is The Chronicles of Narnia. Without getting on my soapbox (that’s a blog for a later date), let’s just say I was skeptical about the latest installment of the movie series: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I’m a huge advocate for the books and have read them many, many times, so when the plot veered off course at the beginning of the film, I was concerned. I knew how the book ended and it wasn’t shaping up quite right. But to say that at the end of the movie, as *SPOILER ALERT* Reepicheep sails over the wave and into Aslan’s Country, I was a blubbering mess. There was something so moving about that end to such a big small character!

So to sum up… why am I like this?

It may be helpful to diagnose my problem (if it is, in fact, a problem) if you know that crying is not my default. In fact, it’s the opposite. From the time I was 16 until I turned 21 or 22, I could probably count one hand the number of times I cried. Oh, and during that time, I broke three bones and dislocated another. Yeah, crying isn’t my default. But something has changed… Things touch my heart now as they never have before.

It’s as if I can feel things more acutely now than before. I have always loved a good story and I have always felt connected to the characters, but not like this! This is the coolest thing, ever!

Murder in the Kitchen

Or, Catchy Titles That Cause You To Read My Blog… You choose the title that fits best!

 Sadly, this photo is not only small, but well over halfway through the cleaning process of the  murder scene that was my kitchen on Sunday evening.

This is the result of what happens when Lynette attempts to open a large jar of spaghetti sauce on  her own. In my defense, however, I did get the jar open (clearly!) I just lost control of the jar after  that…

Also to my credit, I somehow managed to drop the jar in such a fashion that it was disinclined to  break… go me! It seems, however, that what it lacked in jar-breaking chaos it added in mess.

Again, this photo doesn’t do the scene justice, but the splatter pattern on the wall was higher than my hand, it hit as high as the freezer door on our fridge/freezer (not seen in the photo) and managed to spray itself into the small space between the fridge and the cabinets. But that’s not all! The tomato puree exploded itself under the fridge and across the kitchen (albeit, it isn’t that wide of a kitchen, but still!). And as if to signify the end of its havoc, at least a cup and half of red sauce landed with a splat right at my feet in a nice pancake pattern. This particular part of the disaster required cleanup with a dustpan and my hand to guide it.

In all, we lost half a jar of sauce, but still managed to have pizza for dinner!

The best part of this adventure, however, wasn’t that fact that my kitchen floor got a thorough cleaning or that it gave me a good blog topic, it was that I am learning to laugh at myself. If this had happened a year ago I would swore like a sailor or burst into tears depending on the day I had had. But when it happened, I just started to laugh! For the briefest of seconds I wanted to get mad, but them something changed and I just chose to laugh. Key word… chose to laugh! That hasn’t happened to me before.

Not that I want to clean up pizza sauce or other such things from my kitchen floor constantly, but I’m truly thankful that the jar was slippery that day… I learned a valuable lesson about myself!