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“There Are Too Many Interesting Women…

…that I have never met because I have been brainwashed.” – Dustin Hoffman, reflecting on his experience with Tootsie.

Dustin Hoffman & Tootsie

This video has left me somewhat emotionless. I’m not sure whether to be saddened by the fact that Dustin is just now realizing this (watch the video to understand what “this” is) or to be thrilled that he finally understands this.

There is another layer to this reality that I won’t try to get to in this post (essentially, how this isn’t just a female issue), but the point in this video clip that hooked me was when asked to be made into a beautiful woman. He knew that this experience was going to be a challenge, but even he understood that being beautiful would make it easier better and even he was struck by a desire need to be attractive beautiful.

How many people are overlooked because they don’t look like we believe they should. How many women have esteem issues (yes, yes, I know it’s called SELF esteem, but that doesn’t make having it any easier) because, try as they might, they don’t look like a model. How many children are written off early in life because they aren’t cute? How many people aren’t heard because the words coming out of their mouths are overshadowed by a physical trait that doesn’t quite cut it?

Sigh… you’re thoughts?


I Am (Super)Woman

Here me roar… Meooooowwwww!

There are moments when I am supremely proud to be a woman. To be honest, I’m typically very proud to be a woman (though that span of time every 28 days blows), but during the Superbowl halftime show, Beyonce made the power of females come alive.

Superbowl halftime shows have become an ongoing competition for the best pyrotechnics and staging. The past two years have been, in my oh-so-humble opinion, a step in that direction. The past two shows (Madonna and Beyonce) have had awesome staging and costumes and all that jazz, but they have showcased powerful women doing powerful things. Madonna walked up to the door of power, Beyonce marched right through it in black leather stilettos.

I’m not a feminist in the most liberal sense of the word, but I do appreciate when women take a step forward and show the world yet again that we are here and we will be heard on our own terms, not speaking in a basso profondo, but rather in a resonate and clear female sound.

That is why a stage filled with women was appealing. Women playing a (literally) flaming guitar. Women playing drums. Women dancing. Woman in silhouette created the configuration of the stage for Pricilla’s sake! It was a halftime show that wasn’t about having sex on stage, it was about the power and might of women.

I was proud.

Did I like that she was dressed in what a friend described as “scraps of leather and lace” …? I was neither pleased nor saddened. Beyonce is a hottie. But it is more than that; she is the embodiment of the song “I’m Sexy and I Know It.” She isn’t a size two, but she is an hourglass… all curves and muscle. While typically superstars add “body issues” to my list of insecurities, Beyonce doesn’t. In fact, she makes me a bit proud of my figure… funny how that works.

So to sum up: Well played, Beyonce, well played.

Tale as old as time…

Song as old as rhyme, only this time, Beauty was the Beast.

Check out this artists renditions of Disney Classics to Twisted Princess.

It’s things like this that make me desperately wish I could do ANYTHING artistic. Yes, the images are a bit disturbing, but brilliant in their darkness – desperate in their haunting.


Written? Kitten!

Stumbling through Facebook, a friend posted this site: … Brilliance!

The following is what I wrote in order to A) test the site and B) see cute kitties!

So, if I write 100 words in this little white box, a picture of a kitten will pop up? I don’t know that I understand that point of this endeavor, but sure, why not. I’ll test it at least. I mean, what’s the harm in that. I want to write anyway, so why not have a cute and furry kitten pop up on my screen as a reward for my excellent grammar and verbiage? I see no reason why this isn’t a good idea, do you? I thought not. Honestly, who could have a problem with this? Only mean people (CUTE KITTEN) I think. Ah, I see how it works now. This is quite positive reinforcement because now I’m quite determined to hit the 200 words mark and see what sort of cuteness pops up next. I wonder if copying and pasting text into this white box is an option? I want to try it, but that seems like cheating, like I didn’t actually earn the cute kitten. I like to earn my rewards, not cheat to get them. Oh, I’m at 180 words! Only 20 more to go. Hmm… what to discuss next. World hunger? Religion? The proper sugar to real (CUTE KITTEN!) crack ration? All those seem like negative subject matter, don’t they? Gah! Now I must keep typing to reach the 300 word mark. I must see one more cute kitten! It’s imperative! I’m sure there is an easier way to do this, like go on Flickr “most interesting” photos and search kittens or cuteness, but where’s the fun in that? This at least challenges me to be a wordsmith. This at least requires an ounce of effort on my part. The effort is half the fun, right!? Who’s with me?! A kitten will be with me in one (CUTE KITTEN) word!!

Some People…

It happens when things are just slightly off. Some people do this on purpose; others, by happenstance. Either way some people just want to watch the world burn.

That sounds you hear as you read this is the sound of my heart breaking and me dying a little more inside…

Today, I needed this.

Having a no-good, horrible, very bad day?

My day wasn’t all that bad, but it had its less-than-blissful moments. Then a friend sent me this and it turned my frown upside down!

Watch this video that compiles security camera footage capture random things that will warm your heart and make you laugh.


Pretty Pretty Princess

I have discovered, via stumbling within the hollowed halls of Pinterest, the coolest Disney princess art site ever… Peruse and enjoy! Then come back and read the rest of my blog…

First of all, kudos to the artists who created these pieces. I’m not that skilled, nor that creative. I appreciate good art work.

Second, thanks for taking a generation’s beloved characters and turning them into a new kind of art. Though I don’t agree with all of the renditions, it was a ton of fun to flip through these (keep in mind that there is new art on this page constantly!).

Blogs about my thoughts on Disney are in the works as I type. I write a 30-page paper in college about the subject and was told I should have it published in a journal. Now, I don’t know about all that, but I think some of my thoughts are legit, so I have been working on fleshing out more of those ideas and will share pieces of it soon.

Pobre Dinos!

A New Use for Coffee

A New Use for Coffee.

There is a Dutch Proverb that says…

Coffee has two virtues:  it is wet and warm.  

Now we can add a furniture beautification supplement to that list.

I love stumbling on a new use for an old product! I always hated staining stuff because it smells bad, it’s messy, and it’s just darn annoying. But this, this, I can deal with!


Life Lessons

I’m not a gamer. Never have be, never will be! And this isn’t because I disapprove of gaming or because I think that they are evil, it’s because I can’t figure out how to manipulate the dual joysticks in Halo so that i can turn my player and turn my player’s head at the same time! Oh, and I play “inverted” and apparently that’s weird. I can play three games: Lego Star Wars, Lego Harry Potter, and Rock Band (I play bass). That is the extent of my talents with any game system.

But I digress as my mad skills aren’t the point of this post… The point is this. This entertaining Game Informer article made ME, a non-gamer, laugh on more than one occasion! I admit, I have a mildly skewed perspective as I married a gamer so some of the references I understand because of him!

Let’s be honest, hundreds of thousands of kids play video games DAILY and though I don’t think that they are as bad as some say they are, I do find the lessons they teach highly entertaining when put into perspective! Like…

Mass murder is fine as long as you’re one of the good guys.
Seriously! How true is this in ANY video game!?

If you’re shot, hide in an isolated place and ignore your wound. It’ll heal in seconds as long as there’s no incoming gunfire.
Honestly, this one is just brilliant! Just give your wound enough time and poof! you’re healed! It’s a Christmas miracle!

Most bosses go down in three hits. Remember that the next time you’re having a tough day at work!
So concise and true! This is pretty accurate in almost any game!

And this one requires a photo because I actually know which game this is…

You don’t win an animal’s affection through care and nurturing. You win it through violence.
And these are just a taste of what this delightful Game Informer article has to offer *sigh* I never though I would say this, but this is quite entertaining!