Welcome to Day One

I have chalk dust under my nails. I guess that makes me a teacher? To be honest, I don’t know that I believe that yet. I only found out about this gig eight days ago. In that time, I was offered the job, had to turn down the job, the job was changed so that I could teach, and I wrote a syllabus. Now, it is exactly 21 minutes before my first class starts. That’s not enough time for me to work any additional information into my it’s-going-to-be-less-than-three-hours lesson, but it’s too long for me to just sit here in silence. Turn music on shuffle, bring up new word document and write. That seems to be my go-to.

Is there an adjunct professor handbook? I’m sure there is somewhere, but no one gave it to me yet, so I’ll just wing it. Since arriving on campus, I have filled out a plethora of paperwork, taken a nostalgic walk around campus, had a bite to eat at my favorite local eatery, arrived at my classroom far too early to be cool, and I have, in large friendly letters, written “BA/CO 213” on the board (in chalk) so students know that they are in the right place.

What have I not done? I’m so glad you asked… I have not printed out the course syllabus. I wrote it, but I didn’t print it. Why? Because that was one of the many things I forgot to ask the department chair about prior until right now. I also forgot to ask about the wi-fi password. I sincerely hope for my students’ sakes that that is all I forgot. I mean, to be fair, I can send the syllabus  to all of them shortly and they can print it for themselves. I’m saving trees this way! The slackers won’t print it because they don’t care about it and the over achievers will print it right away; they may even print a spare, just in case.

It is now 15 minutes until the start of my class and I have realized what else I forgot. A cup of coffee and/or a bottle of water. I’m sure I’ll regret that even more at about 8pm when we take a much needed break.

While I sit here and process just what the class might hold for me and my students, I’m also wondering what doors may open because of it. I have made it no secret that I would love to be a professor someday. Maybe this is the start of someday? 13 minutes. I expected to be more nervous. I’m not sure why I’m not, but I’m pleased about it. Maybe it is the avalanche of love and support texts and Facebook posts I have received in the last 30 minutes. Seriously, it’s been awesome. Apparently I have told many a friend about my desire to teach because people are coming out of the woodwork and telling me how awesome of a professor I’ll be.

Oh, another fun fact. This return to campus has been a delightful ego boost. Already I have been mistaken for a student twice and a duo of boys playing disc golf told me that they would have played better had I not walked by. Sigh… ah, youth. 10 minutes. It has also been a pleasant boost to my terrible memory. Without missing a beat, I remembered my student ID# and where the classroom was. If you know me pretty well, you know that my longterm memory leaves much to be desired.

8 minutes until… they have arrived.


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