I went into “A Good Day to Die Hard” with low expectations, I admit. I exited the theater, however, feeling pleasantly surprised. I appreciate when a movie can make fun of itself and when a franchise understands that it is time to move on. As this movie had decent acting, lots of explosions, a reasonably good plot, and was self aware, I give it a B-.

Don’t go into this movie expecting to have you mind blown and you will leave with a smile on your face. There were some plot twists along the way, but the gist of this short film was, in my opinion, to keep the franchise alive by passing the torch. Bruce Willis is getting up there in years and though he is a damn fine action actor, I think the powers that be made it pretty clear that he is passing the Die Hard torch to his son, John McClain, Jr. (also known as Jack and played by Jai Courtney).

No spoiler warnings for this review, just a thought to parents: Don’t underestimate your kids. It could bite you… or not.

To sum up: If you’re loaded – see it in theaters, explosions are better on the big screen. If your broke, this movie can definitly wait until it hits RedBox.


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