Choosing to Chill

Recently I was asked how I spend my evenings. The questions was asked out of a concern that this individual was missing out on what 20-somethings do for fun, but it made me ponder my evening itinerary. What DO I do with my evenings?

Here is what I concluded… I do less.

There was a time when I filled my life with anything and everything I could. I was a hobby connoisseur and a multi-job master. I would volunteer for this and offer to do that. I would make dates with friends and I would attend events.

Then I married my wonderful husband and realized that my priorities had to change. I couldn’t keep doing everything I was doing if I wanted our marriage to work. So I started cutting things out of my life. Bit by bit and piece by piece, I started dissecting my life. I put myself on a pretty restricted extracurricular diet.

Now, when I leave work, I go home and do the normal things (cook dinner, clean up the kitchen afterward, clean the bathroom, pay bills, etc) and then I relax. I spend time reading a book or enjoying a crossword puzzle. Yes, I’m still involved with things and I still meet with friends and I still have hobbies, but I am actively choosing to chill and I’m starting to understand what peace is.

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