Food for Thought

Friendship and French toast. I like both of these things. Therefore, the breakfast that I attended the other morning was most enjoyable.

The theme of the breakfast is Believe – Achieve – Inspire and how fitting those words were. The speaker, Michelle Merritt, vice president of Communications and Member Relations at the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce, spoke from her heart about what it means to her to inspire.

One of her thoughts that stuck with me the most was…

Own who you are. Own where you are. Then you can own where you’re going.

This line allows you to take account of your life, own it, and move on. It’s a beautiful, simple, and powerful thing.

How could I change my world if I would do this one simple thing?

If I framed this as a question…

Who am I now? Where am I now? Where am I going?

How would I answer if I were to ask these questions now? Would I like what I had to say? I’m not sure I would. That means I must change. OR. I must become comfortable (read: happy or content) with where I am.

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