Cookies for Breakfast?

Cookies for breakfast. Sounds appealing, right? Especially if they are cookies specifically designed for morning consumption. I mean, if you can find a recipe that says, “Please, feel free to eat as many of these cookies for breakfast as you wish as they are good for you and will give you energy,” I’m all in!

Or, so I thought.

To start at the beginning of this sad tale, I should point out that, while perusing Pinterest, I found this recipe: Breakfast Cookies. As this screamed to me the aforementioned quote, I was thrilled. I do believe I jumped from my seat and did a jig.

The recipe was simple:

2 cups oatmeal
1 ½ cup unsweetened applesauce
2 really ripe bananas
Raisins to taste
Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes

So, mustering my considerable kitchen savvy, I whipped up these bad boys and waited with sweet anticipation for the 30-minute timer to ding. My plan was to break the rules and try one of these breakfast goodies at 9 p.m. I know, I’m a rebel!

Timer dinged and a few minutes passed for them to cool (I thought that the prospect of these little guys hot wasn’t as appealing as chilled). I grabbed a glass of milk and two cookies and went to curl up on the couch and enjoy the sweet success of my new find!

Sip of milk to cleanse the palette. Bite of cookie! It tasted of sweet, succulent … disappointment. Who knew disappointment was chewy? I certainly did not!

These potentially delectable morsels had the consistency of baby food and no flavor to overcome this shortcoming.

Now, those cooking fiends amongst you may be looking at these ingredients and thinking, “Well obviously it wasn’t going to be a very flavorful cookie,” please know that I thought the same, but was desperate to give these little guys the benefit of the doubt.

My faith was misplaced, I admit. If you feel the call of the wild kitchen to undertake this little guys, my the kitchen gods grant you a better outcome than they did me.


Food for Thought

Friendship and French toast. I like both of these things. Therefore, the breakfast that I attended the other morning was most enjoyable.

The theme of the breakfast is Believe – Achieve – Inspire and how fitting those words were. The speaker, Michelle Merritt, vice president of Communications and Member Relations at the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce, spoke from her heart about what it means to her to inspire.

One of her thoughts that stuck with me the most was…

Own who you are. Own where you are. Then you can own where you’re going.

This line allows you to take account of your life, own it, and move on. It’s a beautiful, simple, and powerful thing.

How could I change my world if I would do this one simple thing?

If I framed this as a question…

Who am I now? Where am I now? Where am I going?

How would I answer if I were to ask these questions now? Would I like what I had to say? I’m not sure I would. That means I must change. OR. I must become comfortable (read: happy or content) with where I am.

Today, I needed this.

Having a no-good, horrible, very bad day?

My day wasn’t all that bad, but it had its less-than-blissful moments. Then a friend sent me this and it turned my frown upside down!

Watch this video that compiles security camera footage capture random things that will warm your heart and make you laugh.


The Roof

It’s how I met my dad
That summer on a roof
We didn’t talk before
And then we went up the 13 rungs of a silver ladder

Our gloved hands ripped old torn shingles from their place
Dad taught me—showed me—how to “lay a good line”
Together, we found a rythm, me with a nail gun too big for my hands
Him holding new shingles in place

He told me I was doing a good job, that he was proud of me
A smile hit me in the face

Lunch was eaten on the unfinished ridge
The highest point of the roof
Killing an hour with talk radio and God
Bologna tastes best on a country roof

And then we went down the 13 rungs of a silver ladder
We climb in the Dodge
We head home
At summer’s end, I said goodbye to my dad.

“Snow White” and the “Mirror, Mirror”

Two movies have come out recently that have a similar theme: Snow White. I don’t consider her to be all the great of a princess, so the resent rush to recreate her tale baffles me a bit, however, Hollywood has it’s own agenda I guess. After seeing both films, I have opinions (big shock!?).

My opinion (in short)… One is good, the other is bad

The best part about my opinion is that, based on their previews, my presumptions about these two films were backwards. Let me put it this way: After seeing the “Mirror, Mirror” (MM) trailer and the “Snow White and the Huntsman” (SWH) trailer, I thought that MM would be mediocre and SWH would be good! I don’t know the the word “wrong” can sum up just how far off base my assumption was…

My opinion (in long)…

Mirror, Mirror (2012)
Grade: A-

MM (which I saw first) was entertaining, cute, and (and this is key) it made sense. The storyline was fluid and the characters were developed. Don’t misunderstand, this isn’t the movie of the ages (I mean, it’s no “Avengers”), but it was cute nevertheless. The dwarves were funny (and I loved how their storyline and attack skills), the prince was delightful and the queen’s loyal buffoon, Brighton (Nathan Lane) was a stitch! Julia Roberts was, as always, brilliant, though the movie didn’t rest on her worthy shoulders (which is more than I can say for Charlize Theron, who must be exhausted from carrying the weight of SWH around). The actor who played Snow White (Lily Collins) wasn’t mind-blowing, but she was good enough for this film. She was pretty, shy, and you could appreciate the growth of her character. Oh, and director Tarsem Singh did a great job creating the “mirror.” It was something new and unexpected; I appreciated it. There was an odd sort of music video at the end of the film that was a bit weird, but it didn’t affect the film, so I didn’t mind it much.

Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)
Grade: C-

Then there is SWH (which I saw at the drive-in and the second movie of the double feature was “Battleship” which wasn’t good, but was better that evening than SWH). The awesomeness that could have been this film was ripped away unceremoniously by the combined effort of Kristen Stewart and bad plot/character development. Chris Hemsworth (i.e. Thor, for those of you that don’t know his real name but know his pretty, pretty face) and Charlize Theron were the only redeeming factors in this film (actually, calling it a film seems too lofty, so I shall refer to it as a movie from here on). I could follow the plot because I am a smart person, but there were so many unanswered questions, that I just gave up caring about the characters. The only character that has any sort of development through the film is the queen (Charlize Theron). Snow White (played by Kristen “The Movie Killer” Stewart) just sort of exists, as does the queen’s brother (who might have the least development, which is an egregious oversight as he could have been an interesting character). Chris Hemsworth (Huntsman, yeah, that’s his name in the movie, just Huntsman. Creative, right?) pulled off the part because he is pretty good at acting, but even his performance was lackluster because there was nothing for his character to sink his teeth into. I could go on an on about the epic flop that is SWH, but why beat a dead horse? I mean, by the end of the movie, I was cheering for the queen cause at least she was badass!

The short and sweet summing up…
DON’T see SWH and RedBox MM.