Born and Raised

“Music us the only thing that makes sense anymore. Play it loud enough and it keeps the demons at bay.” -Across the Universe

untry music soothes my soul. I enjoy old school rock and hip-hop (real hip-hop) as well but they aren’t the focus of this post, so though i love them, i won’t talk about them in this post.

Country music is what i was raised on so it’s what i know best.

Mom didn’t care for it, but Dad loved it. It was always playing in his truck (well, that or WOWO). He liked the greats: Johnny Cash, George Jones, Conway Twitty, and, on tbe rare day, Willie Nelson. There was something tbat lit up for Dad when a classic country tune came on the radio. I didn’t get it when i was a kid. I just thought it was some great music and Dad liked it. Well, that was (and is) true, but i think there was more to it than that for him. I think that because there is more to it that for me.

Music in (almost) any genre is meant to speak to the soul of its listeners. Country tells a story. Yeah, it might have a twang and a two-step beat and may sound a little backwards and hick, but it’s real. For me it is as real as it gets. It talks of love and loss. It tells the story of lost love and deep sacrifice. Best of all, for me, it sounds like home.

I was born and raised in the country. The campfires and weekend parties those talk about, yeah, i understand those. Swimming in ponds and off roading in 4-wheel drives, i’ve done that. I’ve loved and i have lost and i’ve loved again…. i get it.

Don’t hate on me for loving country and i won’t hate on you for what you like. Deal?

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