The Hunger Games: A Review

I feel the need to, along with thousands of others, share my thoughts on The Hunger Games.

In short: It was good
In long: It was… okay

I feel that it was lackluster. Though wonderfully cast, I felt that some important scenes in the movie left something to be desired. You know, I can overlook some of the “errors” in this one. I mean, so what that Maggie wasn’t in the movie and Prim gave Katniss the Mockingjay pin? So what that Katniss kills Cato before morning? These are little things. What I can’t deal well with is how some scenes were left so… dull. Nightlock, for example. That scene flew and for no reason! It’s a pivota scene!! It needs to be treaated as such! Katniss has a moment of almost killing Peeta during that scene and the director skated over the scene in order to continue the love story the movie lent itself too. Don’t get me wrong, I appriciate the love story, but not at the sake of the true story. Katniss and Peeta have much to suffer through before the end of the trilogy and i have a funny feeling that the next two movies have the cards of truth stacked againt them.

I guess to sum up, it’s a fun watch and I always enjoy watching a book I love come to life, but I’m fearful of the two movies (maybe three) to follow.

Hmmm… am I wrong?

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