A Page Turner (and A Time Turner?)

So heres the deal, I have great in-laws and a wonderful husband that bought me an amazing toy! My Nook, affectionately named Sheldon, is one of my obsessions (Hi, my name is Lynette and I’m a Nook-aholic… my support group meets every Tuesday at Barnes & Noble…). It goes everywhere with me. Why? Because I love to read. It’s truly that simple.

I figure that at any point I may have a free moment that will allow me a small escape from the world. Even if my reprise from life only lasts for a few short paragraphs, it’s worth it! To step into the land of Narnia and romp with Aslan or to take part in the trek across Middle Earth, it’s worth it! To learn a spell in Mcgonagall’s class or fight along side the armored bears, it’s all worth it! Even if it’s only for a few moments…

I think that’s what reading is all about – an escape. Okay, let me backtrack for two seconds: some reading is too learn (like reading The Power of Myth or The Sword Between the Sexes), but even learning reading can be a form of escapism. Now that I’ve covered my tail, allow me to continue.

I think that’s what reading is all about – an escape. Leaving this chaotic world for a moment and allowing yourself to adventure to place you never thought possible. I mean, I love living, but where else (other than a book) might I journey to other worlds and interact with strange creatures and surreal phenomenon? Teenage witches and wizards that kill a powerful sorcerer don’t exist IRL (in real life for those of you readers NOT married to a gamer).

I want a fantastic life and sometimes it feels like the only way to achieve that is in my imagine inside the world of books. For all of you about to freak out ’cause I just said my life isn’t fantastic, calm down. All I mean is that I am never going to get a Hogwarts acceptance letter. I’m not going to have my midi-chlorians count checked. I’m not going to meet a Hobbit. I’m not going to hold an alethiometer (read The Golden Compass). This is all very disappointing to me because I think I would make a great Hogwart’s student, don’t you think?!

Alas, *sigh*  I don’t think this shall be my lot in life. I am forced to find magic and mystery in the pages (or pseudo pages on the Nook?) of a good book. As disappointing as that is sometimes, I think i’m okay with that (not that I have much of a choice).

To be quite honest, I’m not sure what more to say on this subject. The gist of all this is… I love books because I can escape into worlds that don’t exist. I can do things that I couldn’t IRL. I can be someone different. I love my life, but it’s not the same as a book. It never can be. I wouldn’t want to give up reality to step into the pages of a book, but it’s hard to put into reasons why. I think it boils down to the fact that we weren’t supposed to live like that. God put us (me) here for a reason, a purpose. I wouldn’t want to abandon that. *sigh* that’s kind of hard to admit.

I guess that’s all. The end.

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  1. * elasticstackz says:

    I feel a book addict. :/ Is a nook like a kindle? I don’t like kindles, takes away the feeling of a book. If that makes sense :s, I play games alot that’s another way to journey to other ‘worlds’. Or drugs, if you’re into that kinda stuff.

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 1 month ago

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