Coffee Love

I drink coffee on a daily basis. I love it! I have a history with coffee. It’s a friend when I’m in need, a companion to good conversation, a warming elixir when I’m chilled to the bone, and it’s a memory maker. In one of our magazines we publishing a story about coffee. Why? Because I wanted to know more about the process of roasting coffee beans and making wonderful coffee. Completely self-serving? Maybe. Totally awesome? Definitely!

My love of coffee began when my dad would share his cup of coffee with me on the occasional Saturday morning. He drank his coffee black, so I got used to the same. He is also the reason that, for me, there is nothing quite like dark chocolate, but that’s another story.

My love for coffee continued on into college when a job opened up at a local coffee shop. There I learned the art of making coffee. I learned the dos and don’ts of the barista business. *steps on soapbox* For instance, how do you pronounce this word: espresso. It should sound something like this: es-press-so. Not: ex-press-so.

Also, what you get at a gas station that is called a cappuccino isn’t one. It may be sugary and, at 3 a.m., tasty, but it’s not the type of cappuccino you would receive at a coffee house.

Also, brewing coffee at 8 a.m. and drinking it all day is quite like leaving cookies baking in a warm oven for nine hours. You think, “what’s the harm, I’m just keeping the cookies warm to be enjoyed with milk.” Right? Wrong! Coffee is NOT a fine wine, it does NOT get better with age. Keeping it “warming” on a burner just burns the coffee, much like the warm oven would burn the cookies.

Moving on to coffee storage. Many people think that putting bread in the fridge keeps it fresh. Lies! Watch Big Bang Theory and listen to Sheldon explain this to Penny, but I digress. People seem to believe the same about coffee. Though I’m not sure whether the science is the same or not (I’m guessing not), here is what you need to know… Don’t store your coffee in the fridge! It will absorb all the various flavors in your fridge… not appealing!

Wanna know more about my love of coffee… check out this article from Fort Wayne Living magazine!