How a Desk Fan (Probably) Save His Life and other life lessons…

I went to Ohio this past weekend for a baby shower (not mine, but a dear friends!), so Josh, my wonderful husband, was home alone and left to fend for himself.

I received a text on Sunday morning however, that asked an odd question: Does the apartment complex have a weekend/emergency number? Hmmm… Odd, why would he need that number, I mused. I texted back with a response and asked that very question: why do you need to know? His response was: Can you talk?

Instantly I’m worried. I call him back momentarily and he proceeds to explain his tale, which, I might add, taught me instantly what “retroactive worry” is (more on this later!).

His story went something like this…

Apparently he missed me a least a little bit, because he cleaned (and I mean scrubbed!) the house. His cleaning, however, led him to the kitchen where the stovetop was in desperate need of a cleaning. Bless his heart, he cleaned it! He scrubbed the top of its white ceramic surface and he wiped clean the panel where the on/off knobs are and… well, apparently somehow during this battle between Josh and the lords of the grime, he turned the gas stove to a position somewhere between “on” and “light.”

Now those of you with a gas stove are groaning because you know that this means that a small amount of gas began leaking from the burning into the previously unpolluted air and fill our apartment. Two key things come into play here; 1.) Josh cleaned the kitchen late at night so he went to be right after he got done, and 2.) our apartment is tiny, so it took no time at all for the gas to fill the place.

As you may guess, he slept through the entire night without realizing that he was slowly being poisoned! It is quite possible that he could be dead if he wasn’t an exceedingly warm-blooded individual and by that I mean that he was a fan blowing on his face all night, every night.

Let me wrap up this story before I tell you the life lessons learned: He woke up the next day, realized what happened and proceeded to air out the apartment with open windows, doors and fans. By the time I arrived home on Sunday evening the place spelled almost completely normal and he was in good spirits and felt fine! Praise God!

But this is what I learned…

Lesson #1

Those little quirks like him being so warm that he has to sleep with a fan blowing on him all night (freezing me) is probably the only reason he is alive. How cool is that the GOD knew that in advance! Josh was planning on sleeping on the couch that night because I wasn’t home it it’s hard for either of us to sleep in bed when the other isn’t there. Had he slept on the couch, he may not have survived because he would have left the air on and not used the fan! How cool is it that God knew all that in advance and planned each aspect accordingly!

Lesson #2

I worry. A lot. So much in fact that I retroactively worried about Josh from the time I talked to him on the phone Sunday morning until I got home that evening and for a few hours after! I’m exceedingly bad at trusting God and his infinite wisdom to protect my family and me… This is an aspect of my life that I’m working on, but then Satan throws a monkey wrench like this into my efforts and I get all worried again! God is bigger than me and Josh and our lives are in His hands whether I like it or not!

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