Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Movie

I take issue with books that are turned into movies. I don’t mind the concept because, quick frankly, it’s wonderful to have a favorite story come to life! I take issue with Hollywood’s rendition of books. Nine times out of 10 there is absolutely nothing wrong with the book, yet for some incomprehensible reason, the powers-that-be make some sort of change that screws it up!

Do you need examples? Good, I’m glad you requested examples because I have a few right here!

Harry Potter and the… pick one, any one!
I have learned that when watching Harry Potter movies, I must forget the books. There is enough difference in each movie from the book that I can’t appreciate the movie properly if the book is still in my mind. I enjoy the movies, I enjoy the books… but I have an issue with the movies changing the storyline for no reason. One example of many options is how Prof. Umbridge discovers the Room of Requirement in Book 5! Her means of discovering the room completely ruins the room’s magic! Oh, and there is no Peeves! That is just wrong! Oh, and in Book 2, they left out the potions room in the series of tests to find the philosopher’s stone! That undermines Hermione’s brilliance and helpfulness and that series of events. Trust me, if I get on this soapbox, it won’t end anytime soon so it’s best if I stop now.

Need another example? Good!

The Chronicles of Narnia, specifically the first two…
I could make a myriad of arguments about both of them, but I want to spend the greatest amount of time on the second, Prince Caspian, or as I like to call it, The Epically Stupid Tragedy. I have never hated a movie so much in my life! I saw this movie in theaters and found myself glad that my group was basically alone in the theater because I was (literally) yelling at the screen. When, I ask you, in the book did the slaughter of hundreds of Narnia’s take place? Where was the ACTUAL story C.S. Lewis penned? Why did the stupid series of love stories have to take place? Why, oh WHY, did the creators of the film (oops, sorry, “movie”… the term “film” is saved for good creations) feel the need to destroy High King Peter’s character and make him into something he isn’t? Again… this is a soapbox that only raises my blood pressure.

Need one more? I’ve got one!

The Golden Compass 
This one is a bit interesting because though I don’t care for how they changed the film, I’m mildly upset that they did it.  This book is controversial enough that if they hadn’t changed the story a bit for the movie, a lot of people might not have enjoyed it or even given it a chance. My complaint about the movie adaptation is that it makes it extremely difficult for Hollywood to make the next two parts of the story into movies with any sort of accuracy. Let’s be honest, this movie took out all the anti-church references which is probably best for viewing, but it does change the story a great deal. It also tweaked the storyline in the characters decisions and choices. This type of change… well, it bugs me a lot.

I’m sure there are more examples. Do you have any? I’m serious. I actually would like other examples!

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