Owls and Bats and Cameras…Oh My!

More than one person has asked me about my bracelet recently, so what better way to share its story than on my blog, right? Right! But first, you should probably know the story behind my bracelet…

It's it lovely!

In college, there is this lovely weekend called Sib’s Weekend. This is the time for younger siblings of students to invade the campus… my siblings are older and therefore didn’t participate, so I enjoyed hanging out with other sibs – Josh’s sibs in particular. Honestly, I’m bad at years and dates and such, so whatever year it was that Katie came to visit Josh on Sib’s Weekend, I had the lovely pleasure of meeting her! And that’s where the bracelet envy began…

She had (and still has) this beautiful silver charm bracelet that was so unique and I fell in love with it. I needed one in my life! However, what I discovered was that her bracelet was a James Avery bracelet and apparently, that’s a Texas thing. So, when Josh and I started dating, I started dropping subtle hints that for Christmas, which was many months away, I wanted a James Avery Charm Bracelet! Well, to be quite honest, I didn’t expect to get one. It is an expensive accessory and habit. But lo and behold, when Christmas in Texas came around, there was a beautiful box containing my very own charm bracelet! Thrilled, was an understatement!

I started with four charms and I have graduated now to ten! But I’m an exceedingly symbolic person; each charm has a specific reason for being on my bracelet. So, what follows is what each charm is and why I have it.

Coffee To-Go Cup: I have a deep love for coffee. If woman and beverage could mate, coffee would be my life-partner, but I would have an affair every summer with Cherry Coke.

State of Texas: Josh is from Texas, Houston to be specific. So, of course, when his family gave me my bracelet, I had to rep Texas!

Holy Bible: I’m a follower of Christ and one of the best ways on a charm-form to depict that is with Scripture.

Camera (complete with film canister!): Okay, so I don’t shoot with film, but this charm is so amazing! Photography is a hobby and a pastime for me. I find it relaxing. I’m completely comfortable in a situation if I have my camera in my hand!

The Bat: Batman is the best superhero. It’s as simple as that!

The Owl: This one takes some explaining, but here goes… I love books. Books can be a best friend, a forbidden treasure, a security blanket, a guide, a companion; books are an escape and a teacher, a lover and a friend. So why an owl? Because owls remind me of Hedwig and Hedwig reminds me of Harry Potter and Harry Potter reminds me of books!

Bride and Groom: I think this one is pretty obvious….

Bridal Bouquet: This was Mon and Dad Fager’s gift to my charm bracelet for the wedding!

Kissing Couple: Again, duh!

So there you have it, the basic breakdown of my beautiful bracelet!

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  1. * Brenda Fager says:

    LOVE the redo on the blog! And I love that you wrote about your bracelet – makes me want to do a blog about mine…..would that be plagarism if I did? CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 7 months ago

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