7 word stories (part #1)

7 word stories are just what they sound like…stories told in 7 words.

I’m not particularly skilled at them, but I give it a shot anyway. Here’s what I really love about 7 word stories: you must use your imagination to complete the story. If I only have 7 words to tell a tale, it’s up to you to finish the saga. I know where I intend it to go, but maybe that’s not how you read it, so a new story is created. Or maybe it’s the other way around, maybe I give you the end of the story and I know how I got to that end, but maybe you took a different path! It’s such a great concept! Feel free to add your own thoughts!

Examples that i can’t take credit for…

We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

We came. We saw. We concurred. Winning.

I’m a light unto the world.

Stories original to me…

Who shot the dog? i mean, really?

Probably should have left on time. Damn.

Don’t judge. You know you like it.

Stupid sun. You killed my friend, Frosty!

The dog made me do it! Honest!

Dirt + Rain = Mud. Equation for mad mom.

Me without coffee means a dead you.

Meet me at the club at 8pm.

I’m melting! I’m melting! Damn.

He came. He died. He lives. Woot!

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