I’m No Vulcan.

I’m not an overly heart-on-my-sleeve kind of person. Pain and injury don’t phase me too much, personal emotions and frustrations rarely bubble over onto my sleeve (though my hubby may disagree), sappy stories do little to stir an emotional response. I mean, I’m no Vulcan, but I’m not overtly weepy. Getting the picture?

But I do have a weakness, a chink in my armor…

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows... epic!

Last night, or should i say, early this morning, I attended the premier of the final installment of Harry Potter. To say I’m a fan is an understatement. I love the books. I love the characters. I love the storyline. I love it all! So when I saw *SPOILER ALERT* Fred Weasley lying on the floor of the Great Hall and the Weasley family crying over his dead body… tears began to stream down my cheeks. Then the camera panned to the still bodies of Tonks and Lupin and I lost it. The next 20 minutes of the movie were a blur of emotions for me as I watched Severus Snape die, but “the best in him” be relieved, and Ron and Hermione bid Harry farewell for what they believe will be the last time. I knew it was all going to happen (I have read the books more than I care to share), but that didn’t change how raw I felt to watch a favorite story come alive on screen.

[For all your movie fans, this isn’t a review of the film… I had a few issues with this and other movies I will discuss, but this particular blog entry isn’t the forum for those thoughts. Oh, like that teaser for an upcoming blog!? See what I did there??]

For some reason, those moments during the film tore holes in my emotions and floodgates opened. What is it about these characters that I feel so acutely for them? And it wasn’t just the movies that rendered me into a puddle-o-tears, when Dumbledore died… let’s just say, tears stained the pages of my book. And these are just the major (i.e. notable) parts of the books and movies!

There is something about heartache in a storyline that just gets me right here *mime stabbing my heart* … But it’s only heartache, not just “heart-touching stuff.” By that, I mean chick flicks and the like don’t do it for me. Sappy is great to watch, but I won’t shed tears unless my Aunt Flo has come a-callin’, if you know what I’m saying. But heartache, that’s where it gets me.

I can watch the same movie again and again and still be catch in a glass box of emotion by what I  see if there story is heartbreaking. I love that! I love being able to be moved by a story! I love to feel that kind of attachment to the characters! *sigh*

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader... the only good movie in the series thus far.

But Harry Potter is the only storyline that tugs at my heartstrings. Another example that quickly comes to mind is The Chronicles of Narnia. Without getting on my soapbox (that’s a blog for a later date), let’s just say I was skeptical about the latest installment of the movie series: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I’m a huge advocate for the books and have read them many, many times, so when the plot veered off course at the beginning of the film, I was concerned. I knew how the book ended and it wasn’t shaping up quite right. But to say that at the end of the movie, as *SPOILER ALERT* Reepicheep sails over the wave and into Aslan’s Country, I was a blubbering mess. There was something so moving about that end to such a big small character!

So to sum up… why am I like this?

It may be helpful to diagnose my problem (if it is, in fact, a problem) if you know that crying is not my default. In fact, it’s the opposite. From the time I was 16 until I turned 21 or 22, I could probably count one hand the number of times I cried. Oh, and during that time, I broke three bones and dislocated another. Yeah, crying isn’t my default. But something has changed… Things touch my heart now as they never have before.

It’s as if I can feel things more acutely now than before. I have always loved a good story and I have always felt connected to the characters, but not like this! This is the coolest thing, ever!


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  1. * Brenda Fager says:

    From the time the battle in the castle began until the end I was a mess of clenched hands, raw emotions and erratic breathing. And I too have read the stories innumerable times. A couple of friends and I lingered during the credits because it felt like once we left then it was really over. **As a side note, because you know me, we left before the end of the credits. We were with a large group – mostly from my old theater company – and I wanted to get a group shot of all of us. I plan on going back to see the movie again within the next week and WILL stay for all the credits. It just seems the ‘honorable’ thing to do! Love you, sweetie! And I love that we (Fager fam) share a love of all things Harry Potter.

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 11 months ago

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