Murder in the Kitchen

Or, Catchy Titles That Cause You To Read My Blog… You choose the title that fits best!

 Sadly, this photo is not only small, but well over halfway through the cleaning process of the  murder scene that was my kitchen on Sunday evening.

This is the result of what happens when Lynette attempts to open a large jar of spaghetti sauce on  her own. In my defense, however, I did get the jar open (clearly!) I just lost control of the jar after  that…

Also to my credit, I somehow managed to drop the jar in such a fashion that it was disinclined to  break… go me! It seems, however, that what it lacked in jar-breaking chaos it added in mess.

Again, this photo doesn’t do the scene justice, but the splatter pattern on the wall was higher than my hand, it hit as high as the freezer door on our fridge/freezer (not seen in the photo) and managed to spray itself into the small space between the fridge and the cabinets. But that’s not all! The tomato puree exploded itself under the fridge and across the kitchen (albeit, it isn’t that wide of a kitchen, but still!). And as if to signify the end of its havoc, at least a cup and half of red sauce landed with a splat right at my feet in a nice pancake pattern. This particular part of the disaster required cleanup with a dustpan and my hand to guide it.

In all, we lost half a jar of sauce, but still managed to have pizza for dinner!

The best part of this adventure, however, wasn’t that fact that my kitchen floor got a thorough cleaning or that it gave me a good blog topic, it was that I am learning to laugh at myself. If this had happened a year ago I would swore like a sailor or burst into tears depending on the day I had had. But when it happened, I just started to laugh! For the briefest of seconds I wanted to get mad, but them something changed and I just chose to laugh. Key word… chose to laugh! That hasn’t happened to me before.

Not that I want to clean up pizza sauce or other such things from my kitchen floor constantly, but I’m truly thankful that the jar was slippery that day… I learned a valuable lesson about myself!

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  1. * Brenda Fager says:

    Something else to remember in the future – ALWAYS think to take the picture before you clean anything up! You can always clean up – you can’t always get the great picture. Of course, you’re a photographer – you know that:) Love you, sweetie!

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 8 months ago

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