My world of file folders

i live in a color-coded world of file folders. red folder means this. blue folder means this. yellow. orange. etc. the rainbow list isn’t endless, but it’s extensive. 

i’ve always been an organized person; this isn’t a new concept for me. what is new is actually appreciating that aspect of my quirky personality and the desire to enhance that trait. i have found myself using organizational tools that were hitherto unnecessary. i find myself implementing a strict schedule that goes so far as to list what i will place on social media and when i will post it! for those of you NOT in charge of the social media for your company or business or NOT concerned about social media marketing at all, this might sound crazy, but i’m completely serious. 

Rabbit Trail:
as my company prepares for a new website with far more options and possibilities, i have prepared by putting together a calendar of online marketing, blogging and SM (social media). its not a complicated calendar, but it is detailed. i never thought my life would come to that. don’t misunderstand, i’m not complaining, i’m just shocked! i love details, but i now abide by them. this goes back to my notion that i live in two worlds, but that’s a blog for another time…

Back to my rainbow world…
it’s distracting sometimes to find myself scheduling to organize and prepare for the next day. i think if i had done this in college (at least more so than i did) i would have been more successful. what i have learned in my year in the “real world” thus far has led me to believe that had if i were to go back to college now i would kick ass as a student. do we send students to college to soon? probably yes. do we demand that they decide on a career to early? yes. 

if i’m honest, i’m not sure i had a point in this blog more than to admit my baffled and confused nature. i never expected to find myself so structured. i thought (and to some extent was [more than most students anyway]) that since i was so structured in high school and college, i think i figured “real life” wouldn’t be like that. but it is. you may laugh to yourself and think “oh naive little girl” but it’s true. and now each day is dictated by the movement through my color-coded office space and governed by my ability to make any number of projects move forward gracefully and seamlessly. i can’t imagine being blind! those colors simplify my world! those details keep me on track. 

in short, my file folder universe keeps me from spinning out of control. 


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