I don’t like storms

i don’t like storms. truly and completely. i have been through too many tornados and severe storms to find them beautiful, i merely find them terrifying. however, like many other things at the moment, the current storm ravaging Fort Wayne has taught me a thing or two about myself.

1) storms pass. no matter how bad it gets, storms will always pass.

2) storms are distracting. [i didn’t say everything i learned was a good thing, i just said i learned stuff!] when a storm is raging, the demands of a to-do list seem less than important. i find myself stumbling online and reading interesting articles such as this article about Twitter and Business.

3) storms require “constant vigilance” [thank you Mad Eye Moody!]. i find myself checking Facebook statuses and Twitter feeds to make sure friends and family are OK.

4) storms make everything cold. it doesn’t matter if the temperature drops only slightly due to a storm, i’m always ALWAYS cold.

5) storms suck.

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  1. * Brenda Fager says:

    So, we differ significantly on this one! I LOVE storms – could sit and on-purpose watch, listen, be a part of them. In fact, we watched hurricane IKE blow down our fence in the back yard. Nothing really calms me like sitting either inside or on the porch during a loud, windy, thrashy storm. We’ll just agree to disagree on this one, baby! 🙂

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 9 months ago

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