Stupid Sunburn

sometimes i’m really stupid when it comes to fun in the sun. i try not to be, honest! but i head outside on a sunny day thinking that i will apply sunscreen when the sun actually starts to shine and then whammo! it’s the end of the day and i head inside and look in the mirror. hello sunburnt self…

here’s the best part. typically my face is the first and worst part of my body to burn. however, while the rest of my body was roasting in the sunshine of Sunday, my face is delightfully unfazed. want to know why? my SPF 15 foundation. which means that if i would have applied a mere SPF 15 to my entire being, i wouldn’t be in red, crispy pain! i find this exceedingly lame and tediously annoying.

so what did i learn from this experience? i’m not entirely sure. i think it’s part of a lesson in empathy/sympathy for me. i’m empathetic to a point, but my empathy typically relies on subject matter. i struggle to be empathetic (or sympathetic) when i feel someone has been downright dumb. and then i go and decide to be downright dumb myself. i admit it–i have a bad tendency to make snap judgements (especially if they are what i deem “minor” judgements). playing in the sun for hours without sunscreen… downright dumb.

Thanks God, i needed that. but must my skin be on fire to learn such a lesson?

apparently God thinks that yes, it does. 

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