Some people just make life difficult…

Sometimes people just suck. Everyone knows someone that just tries their patience to the very limits. Let’s be honest, there is probably more than one someone that does that to you. There isn’t a need to define this type of person; in my mind, it suffices to say that they are control freaks that seem to have no idea what they are doing (and more specifically, what they are doing to those around them).

So what do we do with these people?

Honest answer: i’m still trying to figure that out for myself. At this point in my life, my maturity level allows me to cuss them out mentally and that’s as far as i get before i squash my feelings and move on. Logic tells me, however, that this can’t be healthy. I want to do the “adult” thing.. aka, ignore it and move on. but how can i do that when this type of person is relentless about complicating my life (their whole purpose and intent in life, i’m sure)! 

i have tried. I have tried to be diplomatic and talk the issues out. Epic fail. Sometimes this option isn’t really an option because it doesn’t work. but at least in my mind i know i have tried… right? isn’t that at least a start? 

final answer for now: Certain people shouldn’t work together.


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