i love school. Josh hates it. yup, it’s that cut-and-dry. so when the time came for his graduation, he tried everything in his power to get out of it. he failed. i batted my eyelashes and pouted a bit and he agreed to attend graduation, but the other events he avoided like the plague.  

however, on May 14, 2011, Josh received his diploma like a champ! fun fact for you though, right after this photo was taken, Josh felt the need to live up to his “Thug” nickname and throw up a gang sign to the camera. it as awesome! and i was so proud! 


Also, adding to his persona,  Josh donned his signature do- rag during the ceremony and added his white airbrushed hat to his attire as soon as he was told to switch his tassel to the other side of his cap. 


It’s not that he doesn’t respect the institution, he does (though admittedly in his own  way), but rather, he just marches to his own beat. his passions are different than mine. for me, graduation was a huge honor and accomplishment. yes, it was boring. yes, it was           dull. but it was something that i had earned.

for Josh, graduation was just another ritualistic hoop he had to jump through. that’s one of the many things i love about my husband… he reminds me that ritual is less important that relationships. i get that confused sometimes. 

God knew what he was doing when he put Josh and i together!



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