Bored with eating?

Do you even get bored with eating? I do. I hope I’m not alone.

It’s odd. I really like eating, I enjoy good food and I like cooking, but there are times when the idea of actually eating is pretty dang blah. It’s almost more fun to smell the food then it is to partake in it. When these moments occur and I know I should eat, I do. But there is little enjoyment in it.

Man, even as I type this it sounds weird.

Oh well, continuing on…. I combat this food lull by finding new things to cook, but still there are times when it is, again, more fun to cook and smell the food than actually eat it. I wonder why this is?

Usually these food ruts last for about a month and then things return back to normal. My guess is that most people around me wouldn’t even notice because I’m not really a big eater to start with (I’m more a grazing kind of gal). Luckily for my husband, when I hit these food doldrums he gets a lot of exciting meals! I guess there is a silver lining in any cloud, right?

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