Things I Love…

Sometimes I have no choice but to make a list of things I love when life becomes down right dumb… so here begins a list.

  1. my wonderful hubby!
  2. my awesome friends

and now for the non-cliche stuff 🙂 …

  1. cuddly puppies that like to sit in your lap and be petted
  2. the feel of freshly air-dried sheets on freshly shaved legs
  3. the smell of a fresh cup of coffee
  4. an ice-cold glass of water when I’m thirsty
  5. warm socks
  6. the look of newly-painted toenails
  7. a hand massage
  8. spending a day in a new location taking photos
  9. uploading those photos and receiving comments
  10. chocolate cake, strawberries and ice cream all together
  11. the smell of a campfire
  12. Big Red gum
  13. yellow highlighters
  14. cookies and milk!
  15. a well-organized system
  16. walking in ocean-wet sand
  17. a feeling of accomplishment

May I will add more to this list later.


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