Patience Young Grasshopper…

I work best when I work alone. This is something I have known for years. But I didn’t realize the source of this knowledge until recently—I work best when I work alone, because I know how I like and want things done. Even as I type that sentence, I know just how bad that sounds. It sounds controlling and conceited. Maybe it is, though I don’t mean for it to be. This is one of the challenges in my own life I’m attempting to overcome.

So where, you might ask, does this classic kung fu reference come in to the picture? In the clip, the master says to the child, “Fear is the only darkness.”

It’s fear that keeps me from letting others in…
*Fear that they might do the job better than me.
*Fear that their shoddy work might make my great work seem shoddy.
*Fear that they will slow the process down.
*Fear that these people will ruin the good thing I have going.
*Fear that they might make me feel foolish.
*Fear that they might make me look foolish.

It’s all fear. The answer to that fear? Patience. Because none of these fears are legit. I must step out of the darkness that is my fear and embrace the light that can be found through patience with others.

It’s the only way for this grasshopper to grow…



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