Things I Love…

Sometimes I have no choice but to make a list of things I love when life becomes down right dumb… so here begins a list.

  1. my wonderful hubby!
  2. my awesome friends

and now for the non-cliche stuff 🙂 …

  1. cuddly puppies that like to sit in your lap and be petted
  2. the feel of freshly air-dried sheets on freshly shaved legs
  3. the smell of a fresh cup of coffee
  4. an ice-cold glass of water when I’m thirsty
  5. warm socks
  6. the look of newly-painted toenails
  7. a hand massage
  8. spending a day in a new location taking photos
  9. uploading those photos and receiving comments
  10. chocolate cake, strawberries and ice cream all together
  11. the smell of a campfire
  12. Big Red gum
  13. yellow highlighters
  14. cookies and milk!
  15. a well-organized system
  16. walking in ocean-wet sand
  17. a feeling of accomplishment

May I will add more to this list later.


For the Gilmore Girls fan in everyone…

So, I’m a big fan of Gilmore Girls, have been for years actually, and in one particular episode, Richard Gilmore makes dinner (this is the first and only time he does this). He whips up a recipe his Gran used to make for him called Johnny Machete. Since the first time I watched that episode until just recently, I wondered what this dish might be… and here it is.

And I must say, it isn’t too bad! Josh and I loved it! I must admit, I took some creative license… Josh doesn’t like mushrooms, so we nixed those, and we both like carrots, so we added those!

Bon Appetite!

Its gotta make you laugh…

Work day getting you down? YouTube a guy named Tim Hawkins and just laugh for a bit…


Patience Young Grasshopper…

I work best when I work alone. This is something I have known for years. But I didn’t realize the source of this knowledge until recently—I work best when I work alone, because I know how I like and want things done. Even as I type that sentence, I know just how bad that sounds. It sounds controlling and conceited. Maybe it is, though I don’t mean for it to be. This is one of the challenges in my own life I’m attempting to overcome.

So where, you might ask, does this classic kung fu reference come in to the picture? In the clip, the master says to the child, “Fear is the only darkness.”

It’s fear that keeps me from letting others in…
*Fear that they might do the job better than me.
*Fear that their shoddy work might make my great work seem shoddy.
*Fear that they will slow the process down.
*Fear that these people will ruin the good thing I have going.
*Fear that they might make me feel foolish.
*Fear that they might make me look foolish.

It’s all fear. The answer to that fear? Patience. Because none of these fears are legit. I must step out of the darkness that is my fear and embrace the light that can be found through patience with others.

It’s the only way for this grasshopper to grow…



So Here Goes…

I’m a 24-year-old newlywed. I have very few complaints in life… really! My husband is incredible, I love my job,  and frankly, things are pretty dang awesome. But I think vehicles are trying to kill me…

Call me paranoid if you must, but in the course of ONE WEEK, I was rear-ended, hit by a truck and had a rock the size of pluto hurled at my windshield. To be fair, not one of these events was terribly damaging to my little Honda (God bless her…), but these events all add up to a conspiracy.

For those of you a little lost at the moment, allow me a paragraph of explanation (if you have already heard my tails of woe, feel free to skip this paragraph, I promise it won’t offend me… much). Part 1: the rear-ending. I was stopped a few feet behind a car, glanced up in my rearview mirror to check my hair and see a car rapidly approaching my bumper. She hit me hard enough to shove me into the car in front of me and give me a headache for a day and a half. Part 2: the truck. Josh and I are driving through are (treacherous) parking lot at the apartment complex and are headed around a curve when the car doesn’t turn (due to the sheet of snow and ice on the pavement), we slide into the oncoming lane and a truck (going far too fast for a parking lot) slides into us. Part 3: the rock. I’m driving down Lima Road minding my own business thinking that today was going to be an accident-free day when a garbage-truck-type vehicle pull into my lane and propels a rock that will be a planet before Pluto is readmitted to the list into my windshield! And where does this orb hit on my windshield? Oh you guessed it, right at eye-level on the driver’s side. No, there wasn’t a crack in the glass (God bless my little Honda), but still… that’s just wrong!

All this suffices to say that cars are (currently) not my friends and have plotted against me. Or maybe I’m just paranoid…